Who'd have thought! All this under one roof...

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Graphic Design &
Visual Brand Management

With teaching in our DNA and the clarity of message as our passion, making sure your visual identity speaks truth is what makes FreshlyMilled really hum!

Beginning with your business, we focus on the full package – from written content, through corporate identity, then on to the world of print or electronic media.

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On-Site or Studio
Commercial Photography

Coming from a design background, we love working with great images. After all, a picture still speaks a thousand words! But what if quality photos are hard for you to supply?

With a commercial studio and a creative eye, we can transform your brochure or website with quality images art-directed to suit your message & media, both here & on location.

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All Things Coffee ... Roasting
Cupping & Sharing!

It is funny how things develop. What began as a cost-saving exercise has now built into an integral part of who we are. Sourcing quality green beans from a range of origins & suppliers, we roast to order for a growing number of similarly fussy regulars.

We don't have a retail shopfront as such, but hey! Coffee is a personal thing anyway ...

The LiveCorp Indonesian Import Benefits Roadmap

LiveCorp Indonesian Import Benefits Roadmap

Infographics Development

One of the great parts of the job, and one of the key aspects of being a designer, is...

BiteRiot Pack Shots

BiteRiot Apple Box

Packaging shots for web and promotional use

We often forget that even humble food packaging needs to be properly photographed...

The Orphan Espresso Lido 2 Hand Grinder

Lido 2 Hand Grinder

The perfect travelling companion

With the Christmas shutdown coming up fast, we've been considering the travelling coffee options...