BiteRiot Pack Shots

BiteRiot Apple Box

Packaging shots for web and promotional use

We often forget that even humble food packaging, often seen but also overlooked, needs to be properly designed and photographed for maximum impact on websites or catalogues. For BiteRiot Orchards, these simple on-white products shots provide a good overview of the products they supply, and present an attractive teaser for both their local & overseas markets.

BiteRiot Apple Box

For more on the range of quality apples & cherries that BiteRiot produce, visit their website here.

More Angus Barrett Product Photography

Angus Barrett Belt

New Catalogue and Website Product Images

While previous A/B shoots have been focussed more on traditional on-white product shots, some of these images allowed for a little more creative styling. Previous images for the belt and knife pouch range had been taken on a timber boardroom table, complete with glossy reflective surface which was not totally in theme with the old-school country brand they were seeking to develop. By introducing some old slabs of rough sawn Australian Cedar, we were able to give a much more traditional flavour to the products.

Angus Barrett Belt

Combined with on-white product shots that introduce additional tote bags and halters in their lineup, the new catalogue is looking great!

Angus Barrett Tote Bag Angus Barrett Knife Pouch

For more on the range of quality leather products that Angus Barrett produce, visit their website here or view their catalogue here.

Quality products that are built for a lifetime ...

Angus Barrett Spur Straps

Angus Barrett Product Updates

There are products that are meant to be displayed. Then there are product that are meant to be thrashed ... by a lifetime of everday use!

Angus & Sarah Barrett manufacture a range of quality leathergoods for horse riders that fall squarely into the latter. No pretension. No gimmicks. Just top quality gear. Get on and use them as they were meant to be used, and enjoy seeing the patina that only develops with age. It's truly a joy to photograph products like this!

Angus Barrett Tote Bag & Halter

For more on the range of quality leather products that Angus Barrett produce, visit their website here.

Beauty can be found in all sorts of places ...

Custom Ruger Rifle No1

Custom Ruger Rifles

In a throw-away, mass-produced world, you've got love some old school precision, passion and hand-crafted quality. As a bit of a workshop type, it was a pleasure & a previlege to photograph these hand-crafted rifles for a mate of mine with an article appearing in an upcoming publication.

Custom Ruger Rifle No2

Even if you're not into rifles, the attention to detail and level of finish on these custom built Ruger's makes them objects of beauty in their own right. While they may never fit into the budget of the average cocky with a roo issue, for those who build & use pieces like this can truly experience the joy of something being built right!

Both these rifles are hand crafted - one by the owner Steve Hurt, the other made for him by a friend. There are many custom design features that only an avid shooter could spot, but if you're after more details you'll need to look out for the upcoming article in Australian Shooter magazine.

Custom Ruger Rifle No3

For further information on his custom built rifles or newly developed range of precision projectiles, contact Steve at

Custom Projectiles

Even more bottle shots...!

Small Acres Cyder 4-pack

Small Acres Cyder Bottle & Packaging Shots

Over the last couple of years, I've been building up some good relationships with a number of the local wineries through Amanda & Kristy at VAADA Design. This has lead to ongoing work in taking commercial bottle shots. Sometimes as straight single bottles, sometimes in packaging, sometimes even in cartons! The most diverse range so far has been from James Kendall of Small Acres Cyder, a mixed beverage winemaker. His range cover everyday & premium apple ciders, pear based perrys and some more tradtional red & white wines for export.

But what is truly astounding about bottle shots is how difficult they are too shoot! What seems so simple, can infact be a bit of a nightmare.

Small Acres Cyder No2

If you don't believe me, try taking a picture of your bathroom mirror without appearing yourself in the shot! Bottles are both curved and highly reflective, meaning they show up everything! Every single item in the room can be reflected in the glass. Every mark, scuff or seam is shown in all its glory. So each time we do another shoot, we end up with these acrobatic style setups that work beautifully for one bottle, then normally need to be changed for each subsequent bottle! This can depend on the diameter of the bottle, whether it is white or red, a dark bottle or clear, the material the label is printed on ... the list goes on. But never mind, each new bottle is a new challenge, and keeps me on my toes when the next vintage comes in!

Small Acres Group Shot

And soemtimes you feel like playing, just for the joy of it ...

Guinness Group Shot

Online Store Product Shots

Small Acres Cyder 4-pack

Farm & Shearing World Photography

We've just had another range of products to shoot for Justin May of Farm Shearing World for inclusion on both his new E-com website and Ebay stores. With Ebay specifications changing, branded 'photo-ads' are a no-no, so product-on-white is the specified alternative. So be it!

We threw in a couple of hero shots for other uses while we were set up, but then had an extensive range of products to shoot from tiny fence clips, shearing clippers, fence chargers, gate latches and right through to post drivers and massive wire reel spools.

Small Acres Cyder No2

These styles of shot are generally fairly straight forward, and once the studio is set up, we could churn through 60-70 images in a couple of hours.

Small Acres Group Shot

But the difference to the clarity of their message is substantial. When clients are looking to buy online - they want to see exactly what they are buying - not what you're trying to convince them to buy! To see the full range of Justin's products visit their store at Farm Shearing World.

Small Acres Group Shot

Corporate Portraits

Small Acres Cyder 4-pack

BellRiver Homes Sales Team Portraits

Corporate headshots might not be the most glamourous portraits, but do fulfil a vital role. These images were taken for the sales team at BellRiver to be used in conjunction with their profiles on, providing a friendly face in what can be a rather faceless online environment. The black backdrop was chosen to best compliment the B&W image treatment used in the wider BellRiver branding, but also gives striking contrast when used in colour.