The LiveCorp Indonesian Import Benefits Roadmap

LiveCorp Indonesian Import Benefits Roadmap

Infographics Development

One of the great parts of the job, and one of the key aspects of being a designer, is to be able to take complicated, specialised information and then simplify, streamline, edit and finally bundle up into a format that is easy enough for an everyday member of the public to understand. And the following 6pg brochure certainly required lots of that!

LiveCorp Indonesian Import Benefits Roadmap

Beginning with a range of tables, charts, scribbled notes, Word Docs and emails, the main concept was hand drawn then post-it noted to get the information to flow correctly. Then the graphics were pulled from other LiveCorp material or illustrated afresh where required. Then it was edited ... edited ... edited ... and then edited again! LiveCorp Indonesian Import Benefits Roadmap

Finally, additional technical graphics were developed to finalise the document. The document was then translated into Bahasa!

The LivEx Forum - Melbourne

LivEx Forum Brand & Progam Development

Logo & Brand Development

The LiveEx Forum is a gathering place for those involved in all aspects of the Australian livestock export industry.

This years forum was held in Melbourne and required the production of not only a new logo in the family of the LivEx-change conference material from 2013, but also production of various secondary elements with a tight deadline due to the last minute movements of various speakers.

So our role was in this project was the production of the revised logo, the development of the feature 'global export' illustration, presentation of powerpoint templates and the layout of the 4-page A4 printed program, ready for short-run digital production in Melbourne.

From all accounts, the conference was a great success!

FOODBANK - supporting those in need

FOODBANK Brochure Development

Brochure Development

FOODBANK are a not-for-profit organisation that facilitate the redirection of livestock from overseas export paths to support local charities and institutions in supplying food to those in need.

We were approached to develop the "Fork in the Road" illustration, initially for presentation at the LivEx Forum conference. But as with many design elements, this was then prepared with additonal material for print production.

Once all the additional content was supplied, an 8-panel DL brochure format was selected to best break up the information, and together with the strong brand colour, a striking document was able to be produced.

Being part of a project like this is just one way we can support organisations to present their goals & processes in a clear and consistent fashion.

Blayney Shire Council Brand Development

Blayney Shire Council Brand Development

Logo & Brand Development

Re-branding any organisation is both exciting and a little nerve wracking. And if the client is a regional shire council, then this simply grows exponentially.

So when we were approached by Blayney Shire Council to develop a new brand, and work through the application process with them, it was a great challenge we simply couldn't refuse!

Involving the development of both a new logo for the council itself plus a family logo for their tourism branch, we then had the extensive task of working through a whole range of associated media, including stationery, advertising, web applications and even the development of town signage concepts.

Blayney Shire Council Brand Development

As a large organisation it is still a work in process as we roll out all the individual brand elements, but we are enjoying every minute of the process! Blayney Shire Council Brand Development

Brochure Cover Development

Unilift Brochure Cover Raw Images

Photoshoot, post-production & layout

Commercial photography can be a little like the proverbial swan on a lake - all clean & serene on top but madly paddling under the surface to make it all happen! In some situations a commercial cover shoot can be easier than a normal promo shoot. In this case, the client has a brochure 'family look' (the coloured stripes) that needs to be maintained, so the task is relatively straightforward - shoot with image deep-etching in mind.

Unilift Brochure Cover Family

So having the multiple lights & reflectors required to get light into all those shadowy bits, while not having them visible in the raw image, is no big deal. In this case, the multi-shackle shot was taken first a few months ago to be used as the original cover hero, but then the client decided to add in another suppliers product. Rather than re-shoot the whole thing again, we simply lit the second larger shackle as closely as possible to the styling of the original image, and added it into the cover in InDesign. Problem solved!

Here is the result. Just picture this with a nice spot UV varnish over the image and the logo - that's how we've printed this series of brochures so far. This demonstrates the many advantages of being able to shoot your images while you design your media!

Unilift Brochure Cover Final Layout

Recipe Books & Meals Guide

Sharon Luccisano Images on White

Meal Guide Preparation & Layout

Work continues on a futher resource to compliment the new recipe book by dietitian Sharon Luccisano, that was designed and produced here & printed last year.

Sharon Luccisano Images on White

Unlike many dietary or cookbooks on the market, Sharon's guide is not only built around healthy food choices, but also training the reader to understand proper serving sizes. It's not just what you eat – but how much of it! As the brief was to make the guide & recipes simple & highly graphical, there was a wide range of food and product shots required to clearly represent good portion sizes and healthy ingredients.

Sharon Luccisano Food Shots

We took many of the serving size & product images on white, plus some of the styled food shots which were taken on-location. The majority of the meal hero shots were taken by Sharon herself as she developed the recipes, with all the final post-production and CMYK preparation completed here using Adobe Camera Raw & Photoshop.

Sharon Luccisano Internals

The new, device size meal guide is not far off production, and will be a great resource for diabetics. For more information on Sharon's cookbook or any of her resources, visit her website.